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5pm – 10pm
5pm – 11pm
5pm – 10pm

Dogs are welcome!

Vegan Restaurant Malmö

Asian fusion with a twist

Manto is a family owned plant-based restaurant in southern Malmö with a mission. With many years of experience and a creative spirit, our goal is to bring the best vegan food, drinks and service to our guests. We cook from scratch with the finest ingredients and respect for mother earth. See you soon!

Come dine at

With great food and in great company, memories are made. Let us create an unforgettable dining experience together at Manto!

Happening at manto

Why the name Manto?

Manti, Mantu, Manto – call it what you will – is the name of an afghan dumpling. This delicious dumpling – that gave the restaurant its name – is common in Afghanistan, but also popular in the Balkans and central Asia. Every country has its own version, and is similar to the Korean mandu and […]

Loving the locals!

The heart of Manto beats for Asian cuisine, no doubt about it. To compliment that delicious comforting feeling you get from Manto dumplings or Potato Bolani, we like to collaborate with our local beverage producers! On tap right now: Crispy Pils and an award winning IPA from our favs Hyllie Bryggeri. With their really cool […]

A chat with the owners of Manto

Nasib and Sara are the creators of Manto Restaurant. Let’s get to know them a little better! How did the idea about a vegan restaurant start, and why Afghan food? “We are both big food lovers, that’s for sure. Even though we cook many different types of food, Afghan cuisine has always played an important […]


Tue-Thu:  5pm – 10pm
Fri-Sat:  5pm – 11pm
Sun:  5pm – 10pm

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