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Loving the locals!

The heart of Manto beats for Asian cuisine, no doubt about it. To compliment that delicious comforting feeling you get from Manto dumplings or Potato Bolani, we like to collaborate with our local beverage producers!

On tap right now: Crispy Pils and an award winning IPA from our favs Hyllie Bryggeri. With their really cool custom made tap designs, great beer and a warm and welcoming approach, Hyllie won our heart from day one.

Moving on to some soft drinks: Kombucha – both delicious and good for the gut! Green Queen produces organic kombucha down the street from Manto. We love the innovative flavours and amazing service of the owner, Ika. Flavours change depending on the season!

Last but not least, Björksoda from Ängabacken in Småland. In the spring, the birch sap is harvested and turned into a unique beverage that is similar to sparkling wine. It’s low in sugar, alcohol-free and made with only two ingredients: lemon and birch sap. A bubbly, hand made thirst quencher served on 750 ml bottles at Manto.

Cheers to local and small scale producers!


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