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A chat with the owners of Manto

Nasib and Sara are the creators of Manto Restaurant. Let’s get to know them a little better!

How did the idea about a vegan restaurant start, and why Afghan food?

“We are both big food lovers, that’s for sure. Even though we cook many different types of food, Afghan cuisine has always played an important role in our home because of our Afghan roots. The last couple of years we started to realize that most of the Afghan cuisine is either vegan or super easy to veganize. It’s because there is not much meat in broths or sauces like in other cultures, so we basically just had to replace the yogurt in garlic sauce and minced meat in for example dumplings or meatballs. It turned out much better than expected when we tried to veganize our favorite recipes! We also noticed that since the climate in Afghanistan is similar to Sweden, we grow a lot of the same vegetables in Afghanistan.”

Tell us a little bit more about Nasib’s experience and the last years up until starting Manto.

“Nasib moved to Sweden 12 years ago and has been working as a chef here since then. Both in vegan and non-vegan restaurants. When the compliments about his cooking and questions about when he is gonna open his own place kept coming more and more often, it built his confidence. Nasib is very motivated to create the perfect experience and always goes all in for his passions, and this time is not an exception. Starting Manto has been Nasib’s chance to finally do this in his own way, to proudly present his heritage and skills in a new light through vegan food.”

Team Manto is finishing the last details with interior and menu planning and will open in January 2023. Sara is noticeably both nervous about the grand opening, but very proud of Nasib and his journey.

“You just have to follow your dreams, that’s what life is about, I think.”


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