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Autumn menu!

Late summer nights turns to fall, and our new menu is here! We’re saying welcome to Qabeli – our version of Afghanistan’s national dish “Qabeli Pulao” or “Kabuli Pulao” which is usually served with lamb. At Manto, we decided to use a plant based chicken instead, and of course our home made spice mix. This fluffy rice is mixed with the chickn’ stew and topped off with carrots, pistachios and cashews. Yum!

If you are more into the spicy stuff, we got you! How about our new Korean Tofu Burger with home made potato chips, or the Dhal with Spicy Tandoori Tofu Skewers? We also want to recommend Kado, a real Afghan classic! Butternut squash stew with oat yoghurt sauce and afghan bread.

New beverage! An amazing bubbly and fruity bottle has landed on the menu – pét-nat from the cidery Brutes outside of Stockholm. Team Brutes creates wounderful ciders and pét-nats filled to the brim with fruit. No artificial flavouring, just good fruit, hard work and patience. Come by to try our bottle of the season “Alright, alright, alright” – a pét-nat made of apple and pear, macerated with plums.

As you know by now, we love local collabs. Our friends over at Köld, who are ice cream artists, have made a custom ice cream flavour just for us. We feel very honoured by this collab, and our head chef Nasib felt like he travelled back in time when he first tried this ice cream. It is made from coconut, Afghan saffron and rose. A common ice cream flavour both in Afghanistan and also Iran, that lets us give you a little piece of Afghan food culture.

Hope to see you soon, and please give us feedback on the new dishes and drinks. We would love to hear what you think.


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